Akawi Cheese


Choco Chips/Sticks

Chocolate Blocks

RE.BA.CA Milk Powders(Instant/Full Cream/Skimmed/Sweet Whey 25Kg

Feta Cheese


RE.BA.CA Vegetable Shortening 15Kg

RE.BA.CA Sponge Sponge Mixes USA 25Kg

Subline Butter Blend

Mozarella Cheese

Cocoa Butter/Cocoa Mass/Cocoa Powder

Sublime CTN

Preview not available

RE.BA.CA Cake/Pastry/Crossaint Margarine

RE.BA.CA Butter Blend 25 Kg

Unsalted Sweet Cream/Lactic Butter 25Kg

Tutti Frutti

RE.BA.CA Yeast

Pan Gulf Bakery Ingredients Division From being the largest importer of white cheese in the Kingdom to supplying Tutti Fruity, the division has it all. Clean hygienic warehouses, a large fleet of delivery trucks and a committed work force ensure that only the best products reach the most discerning customer.


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